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Using written or oral means, we will announce by February 1st the latest, that scholarships will be awarded to the two (a boy and a girl) deserving students for the next school year starting in September.


For students who would have already received scholarships, we will evaluate their grades to determine if they qualify to have their scholarships renewed. This assessment will take place year-round based on the frequency at which grades are evaluated (every trimester). The final decision however will happen at the end of the school year or in the month of June, whichever comes last.



In order to get into the program or receive the first scholarship, students should be the first in their class by gender.


To stay in the program and get their scholarships renewed every year, the students must pass to the next grade in school. Report cards are the proof that students have passed. Failing a class or dropping out of school is considered forfeiting the scholarship. Students should provide their report cards every trimester or upon request.


Monetary scholarship payments do not go thru the students. They are directly given to the designated body such as the school registrar for example; receipts are provided to the students for their record.

Items such as backpacks and uniforms will be given directly to the students with proof of school registration.



The Simo Foundation scholarship covers the following items: tuition, official exam fees, uniforms, and backpacks. Books are not taken into account because values widely change from one grade to the next.


The budget is taking into account the following assumptions: Students pass the exam to enter into middle & secondary school, nobody drops out or fails and two additional students are added per year. The annual cost per child is about $120. Original calculations were done in local currency (XAF) then converted in US Dollars.



Students are chosen based on ranking upon entering middle school. Our targets are the girl and the boy with the highest grade in the class at the elementary Catholic School in Kouopou, Bayangam. The two students must have been accepted in a public middle/secondary school.



STJF provides yearly renewable scholarships (up to 10 years) to the most deserving students entering middle school with the objective to cover their education in the public school system up to their graduation from university. By allowing them to further their education, they have the opportunity to be a productive member of society, and hence, elevate the economic level of their family as well as their community.







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