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Who we are:

STJF stands for Simo Tagne Joseph Foundation. It was created in October 2013 out of Frisco, Texas.


The Simo Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization named after the late Mr. “Ta Beu” Simo Tagne Joseph (1935 – 2012) who believed in the power of education and helping others.  Also his name has a specific meaning:


  • “Ta Beu” represents the pillar of a family

  • Simo means God’s child

  • Tagne is a title given to fathers of multiples such as twins

  • Joseph means God will add 


With your help we can provide tuition and supplies for the needy. 


Click the donate button above to send your blessings!

Sponsor a child, school, or a teacher through the Simo Tange Joseph Foundation.


Look out for more STJF events in the future!

Give the opportunity to students to work out of poverty using education as a tool to make a difference in their future. 

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